Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not much going on....but Cuteness!

I didn't realize it had been a few days since I had blogged...
I guess because not much has been going on... the car is still broke and we have just been hanging around the house. When the weather was nice we hung outside and enjoyed it, weve walked to the library and checked out some books and a couple of dvds. One being a tractor dvd that Ty has been loving. Even though he doesn't actually sit and watch it he likes it to be on so he can look up every once in awhile while playing to say "Big Tractor!"
We did go to Bible study on Friday and Ty was telling me all about how Jesus walked on water, I loved it,I am so glad he is learning. Him and Daddy have been reading his Bible every night and he doesn't let Daddy forget about it. He has even learned a new phrase at 21/2, when it's naptime or night-night time his response is "play 5 minutes", just so cute!

Tawni has been crawling everywhere and I have been watching her, when she crawls into the kitchen it's her way of telling me that she's hungry. She crawls into the entry of our kitchen sits on the floor and kind of talks, like "hello, I am hungry..." and if the pantry or the refrigerator are open she's there looking, it's just so cute! And she's been doing a good job of holding her cup while sucking the straw, I need to take a picture.

Her nose starting running just a little on Thursday, so then last night I believe Gerald and I got 3 hours of sleep as we listened to her croupy cough. We just waited for the sign that we needed to go to the ER but she thankfully never got that bad.
Gerald had to work today so I took her to the dr. Our dr wasn't available so we saw someone else and she asked, "has she had this before?" and I said,"oh yes this is about her 10th time..." so she prescribed her the normal steroid that she goes on for 3 days. The nights are always worse than the daytime,but you would never know by her she just stays in the best mood and just laughs. Hopefully tonight we will all get a better nights sleep, I know Gerald and I could use one....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tawni's 1st Haircut!

Saturday, Tori and I went to get our haircuts, and my husband asked if we could please get Tawni's bangs cut. He feels sorry for her with her hair being in her eyes and she already has vision problems.
So we got her hair cut she didn't like it to much, but let me tell you, the hair must have been bothering her because ever since, she is just going and going and even getting into things, so I guess the hair was holding her back...
It's a little uneven since she wouldn't be still but she just looks so cute!

All the kids seems to be feeling better, Yeah!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Well the babies are doing good, but the older ones are now sick....Tanner feels the worse and well Tori just does the drama, both were out of school today.

Still no word on the car, we just don't know what we are going to do...

Tawni's OT came today and she said Tawni is doing great. She is pulling up to her knees to play and hopefully won't be to much longer and she will be pulling up.

Tonight Gerald and I were listening to Tawni laugh and just how much we cherish it. She didn't give us a real smile til she was almost 7 months old but she hasn't quit since and her laugh, she just laughs so deep and it is just so sweet, it can brighten your day in an instant.

I was also looking at some older pictures and I thought I would post some it so funny to see how much her hair has grown, because she was bald, more bald than any of my other children.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hangin Out

Not much going on, kids are feeling better but both babies still have coughs and Ty's nose is like a faucet. He is allergic to the cedar and with it being up,it's not helping him much. He plays good but when it is nap time he is ready, which is nice. Yesterday though he woke up coughing during nap and so he did not get his nap out, yuck!
And Tawni usually always takes a good nap and yesterday she woke up early so ended up taking a third nap but then was in a good mood. I can tell she is feeling better because she is eating better and really doing a good job with feeding herself!

Then today my husband got up and ready for work and well the car broke down half-way out of the driveway so I had to get up and take him to work since I needed the car today but with finances being the way they are around here it may be awhile before it is fixed and that means I will be without a car, YUCK! Oh well such is life....

The babies and I will just play and find stuff to do around the house, we are borrowing a Signing Time video and Ty and I are especially liking watching it and learning new signs to teach Ms.Tawni....

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Tawni seems, maybe to be getting better, she still has a cough and wanting to sleep more than usual, but is eating better and playing more. But then my little Ty boy woke up this morning coughing but still played and ate good, he did take a good nap though which was much needed. So I guess we will see what tomorrow brings, it's Bible Study day and I really want to go, so I am praying for them both to be feeling good in the morning.

And then the big surprise came last night, as my oldest, who will be 18 in February, yes still very young in my eyes,came over with his girlfriend last night to tell me they are getting married in September!!!! I am not real sure how I feel about it....
I still think they are just too young but I know no matter what I say they will do what they I feel like I should just be supportive and do what I can do and the biggest thing is to pray for God's will.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Tawni has got her first tooth coming in which is so exciting!
But New Year's Day she was sick all day, a real bummer...
so we took her to the dr the next day we thought for upset tummy and congestion
only to find out she has RSV....very scary I know little Cameron is in the hospital
fighting and I pray that we don't end up there. Today she sounds a little more rattley (if that's a word) and very tired but still smiling so that is good.
It's my ever favorite just wait and see.....and of course pray!