Monday, April 27, 2009

New Things!

New things around here are Tawni has her 2nd molar coming in! No front teeth but 2 molars! She now loves to play peek-a-boo, it is just so sweet! The third thing she is doing new and it is not so sweet, is she will eat a little and then start throwing the food off of the high chair. Not good! She's not done because she wants more food, but she also loves to play the drop game, you know the one, she drops it and we pick it up, I guess she thinks she can do this with her food. NOT! So now we are trying to teach her not to do that, because mom is really tired of mopping three times a day☺

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So Sweet!

Things have been going ok around here. Easter was good, a time for spending some time with family and just visiting. The 9th was our 4th year wedding anniversary and we celebrated watching the kids play outside ☺ Friday night my in-laws did keep the little ones for a couple of hours so we could have a quiet dinner out, it was so nice I almost forgot what it was like to eat without kids.

Tawni is doing good, she has a molar coming in! She barely has two front bottom teeth and now a molar, I guess better for her to chew! She loves going up the stairs hopefully she will learn how to come down instead of wanting to come head first. She has also learned to do I guess what they call a "bear walk", she still gets around faster by crawling but it so cute to watch her to her half walk is what I call it. We found out her iron is low so we have more testing to do tomorrow and hopefully she will just have to have some iron drops. I have been reading that she may need vitamin supplements so I need to discuss that with her dr also.

Ty is getting bigger and talking more and more and I do mean MORE! Lateley though it has been so sweet, when Tawni fusses any, even just the littlest bit, he looks at her and says. "it's ok, Bubba is here, Bubba is right here" He wants to take care of her, he loves her so much, I pray they will always have a good relationship.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Yeah finally my baby Tawni is signing "eat"! We have been working on this for months!
And she is waving "bye-bye" and actually trying to say "bye-bye" as she is waving! We are so excited and so happy!

I had to take Tawni to the dr today, she had a round of croup last night but thankfully not bad enough for a trip to the ER. So as we are sitting there, Tawni, Ty and I waiting for the dr, Ty sits on the dr's stool and he says " I am the dr" So I went with it...
Me: "You're the dr?"
Ty: "Yes"
Me: "what is your name?"
Ty: "My name is Dr. Ty"
Me: "So dr, what is wrong with Tawni?"
Ty: "She's got the croups"
Poor baby, at 2, he knows why we have to go the dr so much.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Official!

It's official, I can't leave Tawni downstairs to play while I am putting laundry away upstairs. I left Tawni in the kitchen playing with the dining chairs and I came upstairs to make Ty's bed which takes about 2 minutes and when I turned the corner there was Tawni half-way up the stairs! As I picked her up she growled at me like "I was having fun climbing!"

We had to make another trip to the eye dr. She has a bump on her eye like a sty but it's not a sty it's called some weird name☺ Anyways she has antibiotic ointment for it and it has put off the patching of the eye for awhile and another visit in 4 weeks to make sure the bump is gone and if not we have to do surgery to drain it.

Also while we are hitting all the appointments I through a dental check up in there and all is good with Ty and Tawni's teeth, well Ty's teeth, Tawni's tooth!