Thursday, July 16, 2009


Things are still busy in this house maybe things will slow down soon. We have been getting up early so Ty and Tori could be at Vacation Bible School this week they have been having a real good time and enjoying themselves. This evening while hubby was working late I took the kids to the sprinkler park and of course I forgot my camera! We had been there for awhile, the older kids were ready to go but not Ty and Tawni. When we picked up Tawni to go instead of growling like she does she signed "more" so of course I was so happy we put her down and let her have more fun so off she went to play in the water! So proud of her!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Our house if full!!! Too bad I can't say it is all happy either. Just so many kids and not enough space seems like. We are dealing with two 18 year olds who say they are adults but still don't have much responsibility but thank goodness they both have finally gotten jobs! An angry, hormonal 16 year old that has all the answers to life! Two 12 year olds that think THEY are the ones in charge! A 10 year old with skin problems that's hard to keep in control. A strong-willed 3 year old that wants everything his way! And then the little 19 month old that can brighten your day with her sweet little smile!
I feel like that sweet little girl, Tawni is being neglected, I haven't been able to work with her like I had been doing. She's so sweet though she just goes with the flow. I did catch her the other day playing with her drop ball toy and she was doing so good, she would put the ball in the hole and then do the lever for it come out again and she was not having any problems at all. We're still working on the signing and it still seems to be getting better so I am thankful for that, she's pulling up more and more and cruising on the furniture our big goal now is to stand alone, when we try her legs just turn in to jelly though. Like I said though I haven't been able to work with her like I feel like I should be doing, from doing all the cleaning, laundry, cooking, breaking up fights trying to keep everyone happy. You would think with these older kids they would help out, but that just turns into a fight so I end up doing it myself. And yes I know with me doing that I am not teaching them anything! Wonder where I went wrong not teaching my kids how to take iniative to do things? Tori is pretty good about helping after you ask her and she complains some, she is good though about keeping her room clean so I should brag on her about that!
Well time to get off I hear my name being called, AGAIN!