Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Life

I don't know why it takes me so long to blog. I have these ideas and I am going to write about them and then I guess I just get tired. Alot has been going on and so some of it I think is the "blues" and so I shut down and clam up.
Tawni is doing very good. She's had the croup a couple of times but not as bad as it has been, but we get through it and she's doing good. We have been doing swimming on saturday mornings and she really seems to be enjoying that. She has another front tooth coming in and looks like 2 more on the way! She is communicating more with us which has been so exciting. One of the saturdays that we went swimming I guess she didn't want to be there because she kept waving bye-bye, but I hugged her tight and told her we were going to stay and we would leave soon, but I was so proud of her for communicating with me. She's signing eat better and trying the sign for "more" and "mommy" which I love! We've had to move her into Tori's room (will post on the reason why later when I truly work through it) but she has adjusted well of course Tori has spoiled her, because now when Tawni wakes up she stands up in her bed to the side closest to Tori and yells at her until Tori gets her out and puts her in bed with her! So cute!
Ty is doing pretty good on going potty, it's off and on but about what I expected. Tori leaves on monday to go to South Padre for the week with our church, lucky girl I think she will have a blast! Also on monday the 3 step-kids will be here for a month so I am praying that goes well, last summer was not a pleasant one at all! Just one of the hard things of being a step-parent! I know I don't have alot of readers but I do ask of anyone that does read this to please say a little prayer for our family. We are having some major ups and downs going on around here and we are taking it day by day! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

18 months old and going to Crazy

Yesterday we went for Tawni's 18 month check-up and Ty's 3 year check up.
Tawni is 22.5 lbs and 31 ins. long, she is growing very well. Ty is 35 lbs and 36 ins. long. I am not sure Tawni's length is right, I can't imagine Ty only being 5 ins taller than her. Ty did good and performed well, knew his shapes and colors, he is very smart. Tawni did good also, she only had to get one shot, but the blood they had to take was like getting 3 shots! Tawni has been having awful and I mean awful smelling diapers! So this next week I will be collecting stool samples, doesn't that sound so much fun?!?!

Tonight while we were playing outside and Ty was driving his car, he said, "Mom, I'm at Crazy." I just laughed! There are crazy things going on in our lives right now and so when Ty asks "where are we going?", I tell him, "we are going to Crazy, you want to go?" so I guess he made it there tonight, little does he know his mom is already there ☺

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Toy?

Tawni discovered something new today... she realized she can pull up on the toilet and play in the water...☺ Time to put down the lids!

Monday, June 1, 2009

18 months and Summertime!

Hard to believe but Tawni is now 18 months old! School will be out in a few days and the summer begins! Last summer when Tawni was 6 months old, I was in a real dark place in life. Contributing factors, Tawni being the 8th child, learning about down syndrome, quitting my job that I loved, the financial strain of quitting my job, not to mention that at the beginning of summer, Ty burned his hand so bad that he wouldn't use it for 4 months even after it was healed, it took some therapy to get him to use it again. I used to think last year what this year would be like with Tawni being 18 months old and what all she would or would not be doing. I am in a better place now, thank you, Lord! Tawni will always be the 8th child and the icing on our cake. I am still learning about down syndrome but now know alot more and how to deal and how to help her. I still miss my job but love the one I'm at now being at home. The financial strain is still there but God has always helped us through and provided for our needs. And this year Ty knows to stay away from lights! Not sure what this summer has in store for us, I know TJ will be graduating just not sure what direction he will be going in, I am in heavy prayer mode about that one. Tori has some summer camps in her plans and I know she will be a big help for me! Tawni and I will be working on signing and getting her stronger on her legs, Ty and I will be working on potty training (Lord help me!) and working on his behavior and talking. There will be some court dates somewhere in the mix for Gerald has had to take his ex back to court to get summer visitation and possibly the kids living with us. So it should be an eventful summer! I just thank the Lord that I am not in that dark place anymore and I can face life head on!